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Testimonials - Editing

“I never knew how eloquent I was until Malcolm edited my memoir. He is like a fine surgeon. He knows exactly when and where and how to cut. My manuscript got a new lease on life.”

-Cherie Hart, Author Hollywood to Holy Wars


“Once again flawless work! Malcolm did an outstanding job! Grab him while you can!” 

-Richard Syrop, Author

“I hired Malcolm because I needed someone with exceptional abilities. He edited a substantial 50+ page legal document that would make the average person's head explode. He made me look more intelligent and then wrote a captivating press release summarizing the document. I am extremely happy.” 

-Peter Bonewitz

“Great work! Far ahead of schedule. Exceeded our expectations. Prompt, detailed work.” 

-Angela Green, Author

“Top-notch! Malcolm was extremely helpful in guiding the direction, and taking my thoughts from scrambled to a completed piece. He asked the right questions along the way, and worked quickly! I've finally found a reliable source of quality writing!” 

-Joseph D.

“10-hour turnaround for the edits was very impressive. Edits were relevant. On budget and ahead of time.” 

-Editing of 1,500 Word Article for Wall Street Journal

“Malcolm did an awesome job. Fully responsive and professional and insightful with his feedback.” 

-Mel S.

“Really gave my book the polishing it required. Very happy.” 

-"Secret Stylist," for eBook The Turn Around

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