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My Story

Award-winning journalist… 

Internationally-published author… 

Innovative, ground-breaking marketer and copywriter… 

TV and video presenter… 

In a wide-ranging career working on four continents, I've garnered a wealth of experience. 


 In my original career choice in my home country of England, I won a News Reporter of the Year award. After joining the London Daily Mirror, I became the country’s youngest Chief of Bureau…in war-torn Belfast, at the height of the Irish “Troubles.” When an opportunity to move to the United States presented itself, I joined the tabloid National Enquirer and spent seven years covering a variety of human-interest stories in North America, South America, and Europe. 


More than thirty books published in ten languages either by international giants such as Random House, Bantam Doubleday Dell, Ballantine Books and St. Martin’s Press or self-published. Specializing in memoirs, business and entrepreneurship, health and wellness, how-to, and motivational projects. I’ve been privileged to collaborate with owners of billion-dollar companies and startups, scientists, doctors, nutritionists and academics—and individuals with remarkable life stories.


I created the concept of “DirectNet Marketing”—the merger of direct response advertising and direct sales/network marketing. I also produced, wrote and appeared as the main guest in a series of TV infomercials which, in just two years, generated more than half a million customers and a further half a million leads.


As co-founder, I spearheaded the sales and marketing of three huge multi-million-dollar businesses in the UK and the US and helped create and promote products that have sold more than $2 billion worldwide. I’ve also developed products that were on the shelves of Whole Foods, Ralphs, Vitamin Shoppe and many other supermarket and health food chains. 


My communication skills extend beyond the written word. I have not only scripted but also hosted and appeared in several TV infomercials featuring Hollywood celebrities. I have created and scripted numerous corporate and training videos including Accelerated Learning Techniques in Action for Nightingale Conant.


“Malcolm is a pro”

Rob Shreeve, Managing Director, Virgin Publishing

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