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The Network Strategy: An Insider's Secret Tactics for Successful Network Marketing

Author: Malcolm J. Nicholl 

From book cover: 

The Network Strategy is your personal roadmap for success in the multi-billion dollar business of Network Marketing. 

More than $10 billion worth of products are sold annually in the United States alone on a person-to-person basis. Network Marketing itself is now the fastest growing method of marketing throughout the Western World. 

You can be a part of it. 

This dynamic system is the ideal opportunity for someone with little to invest but hard work and determination; for everyone who has ever dreamed of breaking the shackles of a 9-5 job and being in business for themselves. 

Author Malcolm Nicholl has a unique international track record both as a top-earning distributor and, more recently, as co-founder of Uni-Vite, a phenomenally successful worldwide enterprise. 

The Network Strategy reveals the tactics he has employed during eight years of exceptional experience. 

Inside its covers you will find sound, practical advice unveiling the step-by-step plan for spectacular results. 

• How to choose the right sponsor and the right company 
• How to get started 
• How to make the first sale 
• How to sponsor other distributors 
• How to build your own network 
• And much, much more 

You will vastly improve your ability to join the successful elite-the top earning distributors who have achieved financial independence-by reading and enjoying The Network Strategy.

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